Minimum Touch Orthodontics - Henry Schein Orthodontics
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Minimum Touch

New orthodontic treatment workflow to do more by doing less.
Shorter treatment times. Fewer appointments. Predictable results.

Deliver a New Orthodontic Experience

Image Source: OrthoPractice US

Minimum Touch Orthodontics Provides
Extraordinary Benefits for Doctors and Patients

Challenging the conventional patient journey that is often inefficient, with many in-person appointments and extended finishing times. MTO delivers remarkable, predictable results in fewer appointments and shorter treatment times. Ultimately, providing unparalleled patient convenience.

Conventional Patient Journey

Longer treatment times
with more in-office visits.

MTO Patient Journey

Exceptional convenience with
fewer and shorter appointments.

Benefits for You

  • Attract more new patients by offering unparalleled convenience.
  • See fewer patients in person while staying connected with them virtually.
  • Increase case capacity and same day starts.
  • Grow revenue by catering to convenience-focused patients.

Benefits for your Patients

  • Exceptional convenience with fewer and shorter appointments.
  • A brilliant, selfie-ready smile in as few as 11 to 18 months.
  • An enjoyable patient experience at their convenience.
  • Doctor-directed high-tech solutions for the radiant smile they’re always wanted.

Upcoming Courses featuring
Minimum Touch Orthodontics

In these courses, our speakers will teach you our new orthodontic treatment philosophy that blends contemporary clinical principles with advanced digital solutions into a proven workflow.

Minimum Touch Orthodontics in the News

MTO is currently featured in these industry publications

Discover how Henry Schein Orthodontics appliances and partner products expand the number of virtual visits and minimize physical touchpoints for the convenience your patients are seeking for today.

Minimum Touch Orthodontics Brochure

Read more about how to deliver this new orthodontic experience to your patients by viewing the brochure.

Products featured in the Minimum Touch Orthodontics workflow

Carriere Motion 3D Appliances

Carriere® Motion 3D

Motion 3D Appliances can standardize, simplify and shorten treatments by starting with a Class I platform.

Reveal® Clear

Discover a clear aligner solution for your patients with enhanced clarity and precision-fit.

Carriere® SLX® 3D
Bracket System

Full M-D slot coverage, provides unmatched rotational control, correction preservation, and faster treatment times.