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Reveal Aligners > Reveal Retainers

Reveal Retainers now available

Reveal® Retainers

Get Reveal clarity in a stand-alone retainer. Reveal Retainers are available for patients whether they had previous orthodontic treatment with Reveal, another aligner system, or simply require a retainer solution.

Retaining What’s Important

It takes careful treatment planning and care to get your patients to a beautiful smile – choose a retainer that not only saves your practice on cost, but helps preserve your patients’ new smile.​

Reveal Clarity

Made with a thicker ClearWear material, offering patients the same long-lasting aesthetics as Reveal Aligners.


Durability made in the USA

The thicker material helps offer resistance to cracking for a durable and reliable retainer appliance.

Save with Reveal Retainers

Savings up to 25%*

Reveal Retainers can help you save up to 25%* on your retainer solution over the leading brand and maximize practice profitability.

Currently only available in the United States.

Digitally Remove Brackets

Scan patients who are still wearing brackets and we’ll digitally remove them
so you can provide Reveal Retainers on debond day.

One retainer solution for all cases

Other aligner treatment

After other aligners

After braces

After braces

Reveal Aligners

After Reveal Clear Aligners

For tweens

For adults

For adults

For teenagers

Reveal quality

Create an account with one of our sales representatives today to order Reveal Retainers for your patients.