Reveal® Clear Aligners | Henry Schein® Orthodontics™
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Reveal® Clear Aligners

With decades of experience creating some of the world’s most innovative orthodontic appliances — Henry Schein® Orthodontics™ delivers Reveal, a state-of-the-art clear aligner with next-generation aesthetics, efficiency, and treatment predictability.

The Next Generation Clear Aligner Solution

Reveal is a full-suite aligner solution that combines crystal-clear aligners, intuitive treatment planning, and digital integrations for the full range of mild, moderate, and comprehensive aligner treatments.

Crystal-Clear Aligners

ClearWear material provides the ultimate in aesthetics with precise force levels for speed of treatment. Reveal’s precision-fit and optimized trim also help deliver predictable treatment outcomes with fewer needed attachments.

Digital Ecosystem

Compatible with most scanners, Reveal’s digital ecosystem offers integration with leading practice management software as well as a robust case-submission and treatment-planning platform designed to meet the needs of your practice.

Practice Success

$0 cost training and support from both a local rep and aligner onboarding specialist help ensure your team is set up for success with Reveal and Henry Schein — covering all areas of interest, including clinical, marketing, and equipment setup.

Discover How Reveal
Differentiates Your Practice

Discover a better approach to clear aligners

Discover the crystal-clear aligners backed by the experience, service, and support of Henry Schein.

Interproximal Area

The optimized trim captures maximum tooth surface area to help increase control over tooth movement.

ClearWear Material

ClearWear material offers enhanced clarity with precise force levels for comfort and speed of treatment.

Minimal Attachments

Reveal is designed to reduce the need for attachments so you can offer a truly aesthetic treatment and achieve clinical efficiencies.

Optimized Trim

Designed with increased coverage at the gingival margin and smooth edges, Reveal offers reduced slippage and excellent control – further reducing the need for attachments.

Precision Fit

Reveal is manufactured with state-of-art technology for a precise-fit to help ensure predictable treatment outcomes.

Precise Customization

State-of-the-art digital manufacturing process, paired with Studio Pro™ visualization software, allows for precise and accurate modifications at each step of treatment.

Reveal Aligners combine mechanical efficiency with beautiful design and esthetics. The unique design characteristics of Reveal Aligners allow me to treat patients in a shorter amount of time with the clarity and appearance my patients want.”

Dr. Melissa Shotell

Reveal Aligners

Learn about our state-of-the-art clear aligner with next-generation aesthetics, efficiency, and treatment predictability.

Reveal Aligners
Case Book

Discover 8 cases with before and after clinical photos and specific treatment details in this Reveal Case book v1.1.