Tempra™ Molar Bands

Tempra™ Molar Bands

Tempra™ Molar Bands

Features and Benefits

  • Superior tooth morphology
  • The band size is etched in the sequence of upper/lower, and includes the tooth number, then left/right-example U6R351/2
  • Memory & elasticity maintained after pre-fit and removal
  • Our laser-etching process provides a consistent, dark-color marking on the band making the size easier to read
  • Tempra Molar Bands and Assemblies are only offered etched
  • Full tempered
  • Proportional graduated half-sizing, numbered 29-1/2 – 44
  • Increased occlusal edge strength to prevent deformation
  • Stiffer material to withstand additional pressure of extra and intraoral appliances
  • Available with micro-etched interiors for maximum retention
tempra molar bands


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