Reveal® Clear Aligners

Reveal® Clear Aligners

Reveal® Clear Aligners Video

Reveal® Clear Aligners

Reveal Clear Aligners are available for orthodontic specialists. Within the treatment setup viewer, access even more features like tooth movement and attachment fine-tuning tools so you can fully design the best treatment for your patients according to your clinical preferences. You can treat mild, moderate, to complex malocclusions.  Reveal is advanced aligner therapy—your way.

Jumpstart your Reveal cases with the Carriere® Motion 3D Clear™ Appliance to provide the most efficient and aesthetic treatment solution available!

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Clear Benefits

  • Advanced manufacturing process with proprietary ClearWear™ material provides ultimate aesthetics and fit
  • Precision-fit aligners provide exceptional tooth-specific control for improved comfort and a reduced need for unsightly attachments
  • Silky smooth trays are trimmed at the gingival margin for maximum patient comfort
  • Open platform, making it digitally compatible with most intraoral scanners (or PVS impressions), so you can use your existing equipment or scanner of choice for a familiar workflow
Reveal Aligners with patient

Reveal’s DDX lab portal

Purposeful Simplicity

Intuitive cloud-based portal streamlines case submissions, reviews and tracking:

  • Experienced dentally trained technicians facilitate fast and accurate case setups.
  • Online portal allows you to share treatment setups with your patients and manage your cases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from, both Mac and PC.
  • No software to maintain or update.

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DDX lab portal screen with Studio Pro

Studio Pro™ 4.0

All-new treatment planning software for Reveal

Available in the DDX lab portal – Studio Pro 4.0 provides Reveal practitioners with new and improved tools to visualize, modify, and share aligner treatment plans with their patients.

  • An entirely re-built platform
  • Over 25 new and improved features
  • Advanced tools for practitioners who want to fine-tune tooth movement with enhanced precision

Discover Studio Pro

Studio Pro 4.0 Treatment Planning Software Screen