NeoLucent® Plus™ Ceramic Bracket

NeoLucent® Plus™ Ceramic Bracket

NeoLucent® Plus™ Ceramic Bracket

The Crunch COAT™ Base provides:

  • Bond strength comparable to a mesh pad
  • Consistent debonding with minimal distress to enamel surface
brackets neolucent plus3

Features and Benefits

  • Compatible IN/OUT with the Maestro® Low-Profile Bracket System for aesthetic anterior and metal posterior bracketing
  • Invisible appearance – crafted to the highest aesthetic standards
  • Comfort – designed with your patient’s comfort in mind
  • Accurate placement – achieved with color id marking
  • Easy ligation – with ample tie wing clearance
  • Antiallergenic – bracket does not contain nickel, chromium, or other metals
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Click here to download the brochure.
Click here to download the NeoMaestro brochure.