Maestro® Low-Profile Bracket System

Maestro® Low-Profile Bracket System

Maestro® Low-Profile Bracket System

Discover Precision, Comfort, and Control. The Maestro Low-Profile Bracket System harmonizes the enduring precepts of classic orthodontic design with state-of-the-art engineering and production practices. The result is a complete orthodontic appliance system with corresponding buccal tubes — contemporary in form and function — that achieves the optimum in metal aesthetics and comfort that patients seek without sacrificing the precision and control that practitioners need. A finely tuned appliance design for predictable, efficient treatment and discerning finishes.

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Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology for manufacturing complex metal orthodontic appliances with extremely close tolerances which translates into strength, and proven performance that machined brackets cannot duplicate
  • Multiple visual cues specifically designed to provide signposts which assist you in positioning brackets in their ideal location
  • In-depth research on tooth morphology and precise engineering created a detailed finely-tuned design resulting in finely-tuned finishes
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