Elite Opti-MIM® Mini-Twin® Bracket

Elite Opti-MIM® Mini-Twin® Bracket

Elite Opti-MIM® Mini-Twin® Bracket

The Elite Opti-MIM Bracket series is one of Henry Schein® Orthodontics™ most popular line of brackets. Following are some of the features and benefits of the Elite Opti-MIMBracket System:

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Features and Benefits

  • Straight-arch design feature allows for an accurate fit on each individual tooth
  • Available in regular or low profile
  • The patented design eliminates bracket and pad separation providing increased reliability
  • Available in Nickel-Lite® Material for your nickel sensitive patients
  • For lower bicuspids you may either choose a regular pad or slim pad
  • The base utilizes our micro-etched Grip-LOK® Base for better bond strength


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