CNA® BETA III Nickel-Free Archwires

CNA® BETA III Nickel-Free Archwires

CNA® BETA III Nickel-Free Archwires

These nickel-free beta titanium alloy archwires were developed with the assistance of Dr. Ravindra Nanda. An excellent alternative over TMA archwires, the CNA Beta III Nickel-Free Archwire displays superb formability for placement of loops and bends reducing important chairside time. In addition, the flexibility makes it the perfect archwire for use during the mid-to-late stages of treatment.

Due to its ease of bending, the CNA Beta III Nickel-Free Archwire, is ideal for use when the following is required:

  • Custom tipping
  • Aligning
  • Space closure
  • Rotation
  • Tooth movement
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