Andrews²™ Appliance

Andrews²™ Appliance

Andrews²™ Appliance

Building upon the original Straight-Wire Appliance, the Andrews Foundation™, collaborated with us to develop an improved appliance system which has been through 20 years of research and development. We are the proud, exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Andrews2; Appliance.

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The Andrews2; Brackets offer the features that every orthodontist wants:

  • De-ligation saddles for easy removal of elastic ligatures
  • Access bevels for steel ligature cutters
  • Instrument channel for bracket positioning
  • Vertical scribe line to align with crown’s facial axis
  • Occlusio-gingivally centered slot for accurate slot targeting
  • Rounded tie-wing corners for patient comfort
  • Great for use with the Andrews⊃2; Archwires
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