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Partner With

We go beyond the basics to cultivate partnerships
with our customers to deliver positive patient outcomes.

HSO Special Markets is Raising the Bar with
Dental Service Organizations

Henry Schein® Orthodontics aims to deliver next generation orthodontic solutions and new treatment concepts to help you
provide exceptional clinical outcomes, and to ensure that you, as an orthodontist, truly love what you do.

Special Markets Team

Our Special Markets Team

Put your trust in us! Henry Schein Orthodontics truly understands the difference between private practice and DSO account management. That is why we have a dedicated special markets team for our DSO customers to make sure all agreed pricing and rules of engagement are followed


Power of “One Schein”

As a Henry Schein® company, we work closely with our “One Schein” colleagues to offer you a one-stop shop program that seamlessly provides all of the products, services, and technology to support the clinical and business growth of our customers.

Does Your DSO Need Better Ortho Support?

Great news! Our Special Markets team is the best of the best when it comes to helping our DSO partners start or grow their Orthodontics Program.
Click Get Started to engage our team for a partnership consultation.

Continuing Education Courses (CE)

We offer a myriad of clinical CE and product education opportunities that feature top KOL speakers including Dr. Luis Carrière, Dr. Mario Chorak & Dr. Bruce McFarlane. We offer on-demand virtual learning, customized in-person education, and/or VIP access to industry leading events such as the HSO Symposium.

Recruiting Support

It’s a competitive DSO market and attracting quality orthodontists can be a challenge. Using our DSO Ortho Job Match Program we leverage our relationships with doctors and residents across the country to match them with your open job opportunities.

Top Line Drivers

We have access to some of the top consultants in the dental and orthodontic industry to help drive top line production for your DSO. These industry leaders can help your clinical team optimize your patient experience, enhance your digital marketing strategies, utilize new technologies, and much more!

Price lock

2 Year Price Lock

Our partner agreements offer a 2-year price protection, allowing Henry Schein Orthodontics to provide best in class products at competitive prices to help stabilize your bottom line.

Growth Rebates

We offer Growth Rebates to our DSO partners that are looking to expand and grow their Ortho business. We realize as you grow, we grow…and we want to reward you for it!

Ortho Best Practices

Our team can provide guidance and tools for implementing Ortho Best Practices into your organization. These tools will help improve your digital workflows, training, reporting and much more!

Quote from Stanley Bergman

Connect with us for a free consultation on how we can partner with your business!