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HSO Partner Value

Henry Schein Orthodontics is Raising the Bar

As a Henry Schein® Company, we work closely with our colleagues at HS Special Markets and HS Select Markets to bring you a one-stop shop for all your DSO needs including supplies, equipment, technology, service, and business solutions. Rely on US!

We offer custom Growth Rebates to our DSO partners whom are looking to expand and grow their Ortho business. We realize as you grow, we grow…and we want to reward you for it!

For DSO’s with a PVA, HSO offers a percentage of sales back to support your leadership meetings, doctor CE, or custom marketing efforts. We organize Ortho CE events across the country, that feature top speakers including Dr. Luis Carrière, Dr. Christy Fortney, Dr. David Paquette, Dr. Jep Paschal, and Dr. Tom Shipley.


  • Streamlined Ordering
  • Budget Controls
  • Instrument Care SOP
  • Detailed ReportingDENOVO Startup Lists
  • Ortho Trainings
  • Inventory Mgmt
  • Cost Per Patient (CPP)

It’s a competitive DSO market and attracting quality orthodontists can be a challenge. Using our new DSO Match Program, we leverage our HSO relationships with doctors/residents across the country to match them with your open job opportunities.

Our partner agreements offer a 2-year price protection, allowing HSO to provide best in class products at competitive prices to help stabilize your bottom line.

At HSO, we have access to the best orthodontic consultants in the industry that can help your TC’s and managers drive top line Ortho numbers by increasing effi ciency, conversion rates, and same day starts. Courses focus on topics such as improving the patient experience, case acceptance, recall, internal referrals, and KPI’s to measure.

Put your Trust in US! HSO truly understands the difference between private practice and DSO account management. That is why we have a dedicated special markets team for our DSO customers to make sure all agreed pricing and rules of engagement are followed.

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The orthodontic market is rapidly shifting to dental consumers demanding clear aligner treatment that is clear, fast, affordable, and convenient. With our Reveal® Clear Aligners, we can position your DSO to capitalize on market opportunities today and in the future. Ask us about our SCALE Plan and Aligner Cash Flow Calculator.

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Reveal Aligner - side view

This new workflow enabled by Carriere® Motion 3D™ will allow your group to simplify, standardize, and scale your orthodontic program. Increase case acceptance and reduce treatment times. Let us show you potential growth with our new Efficiency and Profitability ROI Calculator.

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