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The Carriere Orthodontic treatment approach is the next generation orthodontic solution that consistently achieves exceptional results in less time. The Carriere Orthodontic treatment approach incorporates the latest advances in orthodontic technology with gentle forces that work with natural physiology to correct your bite at the beginning of treatment.  By having your orthodontist use the Carriere Motion 3D™️ Appliances in the beginning stages and then transition you into Carriere SLX™️ Self-Ligating Braces to complete treatment, the total time in treatment is greatly reduced when compared to other traditional approaches. SLX Braces are used because they provide efficiencies over traditional braces. Learn More

Learn how the free-sliding technology using lower force and less friction moves your teeth more quickly, naturally, and comfortably than traditional braces. The Carriere SLX Braces combined with the Carriere Motion 3D Appliance allows for less time in braces, shorter treatment times, and beautiful faces and stunning smiles. FOR LIFE. Learn More

Introducing a clearly different aligner system that offers a comprehensive aesthetic solution for adults and teens. The NEW Reveal®️ Clear Aligner System is uniquely clear, provides an excellent fit, and offers numerous workflow and treatment efficiencies. With over 50,000 patients treated with this innovative aligner technology, doctors and patients can be confident in Reveal®️ aligner performance for the full range of minor, moderate and comprehensive treatments. Learn More

Reveal Aligners with patient

MASEL®️, an orthodontic company owned by Henry Schein, is integrated into Ortho Organizer’s business. The integration of MASEL allowed Ortho Organizer’s access to products at a different price point and additional distributors for expanded international business. Learn More

The Ortho Organizers® brand has been in the market for over 45 years, providing a vast array of innovative products from our Maestro®  Brackets and Buccal Tubes to our NeoCrystal ®  Plus Mono Crystalline  Ceramic Brackets , NeoLucent® Plus™ Ceramic Brackets, Triumph® Instruments, CUNitanium Archwires ®, Epic™ Molar Bands, premium elastomerics, Twin Force® Bite correction devices and much more!