Infiniti Loops | Henry Schein® Orthodontics™
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Carriere® Infiniti Loops
Power Closer

An efficient solution for space closure utilizing the properties of NiTi, preformed to deliver consistent ideal forces.*

The New Standard in Bite Correction

Discover How Reveal
Differentiates Your Practice

Features and Benefits

Versatile Motion Pro


Engineered to set a new standard in versatiltiy

  • Treats both Class II & Class III patients with one device.
  • Custom-designed Drop-In Hook contributes to a new level of treatment versatility.
Intuitive Motion Pro


Seamless design for
improved handling

  • Built-in scribe line, flat faces, straight edges, and a recessed dimple provide intuitive and accurate placement.
  • Anatomically shaped molar pad and contoured cuspid pad ensure just the right fit.
  • Side-specific design ensures an optimal range of motion, allowing precise placement on mesially-tipped molars.
Efficient Motion Pro


Fast and predictable

  • Inspired by the  human body, the condyle shape is designed to facilitate more natural and controlled movement.
  • The wider reinforced hook ensures a consistent distribution of elastic forces.
  • The hook’s deep undercut simplifies elastic engagements and effectively secures the new Force 3 Elastics.**

Engineered to Advance Orthodontics

The patent-pending Carriere InfiNiTi Loops power closer utilizes the unique properties of nickel titanium and shape memory to deliver consistent, ideal forces to deliver up to 6mm of space closure and retraction.

This power closer is designed to close space between the upper anteriors, and consists of one continuous length of .010” nickel titanium wire shaped into a string of 4 loops.

A Closer Look

Drop-In Hook Included

  • Custom-designed for the Motion Pro to enhance treatment versatility.
  • Facilitates attachment of various orthodontic auxiliaries such as elastomeric chain, nitinol springs, ligature wire, and elastics.
  • Motion Pro designed with a rectangular channel to prevent Drop-In Hook from rotating.

Condyle Shape

The condyle shape within the molar base provides more natural and three dimensional control of movement.


Class II

•Class I, Crowding
•Class II, Division 1
•Class II, Division 2
•Class II, Open bite
•Class II, Deep bite
•Class II, Blocked out upper canines
•Class II, Subdivision, left or right (unilateral)
•Mixed Dentition (Phase 1)

Class III

•Class I, Crowding
•Class III, Deep Bite
•Class III, Open Bite
•Class III, Unilateral
•Class III, Cleft Palate
•Mixed Dentition (Phase 1)
•As an alternative to surgery

InfiNiTi Loops


Read more about the InfiNiTi Loops power closure by viewing the brochure.

*Data on file. InfiNiTi Loops coming soon – call for availability. Patent pending.