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Product Portfolio > M-Series > M-Series Expansion Wires

M-Series Expansion Wires

The M-Series Expansion Wires are premanufactured Copper Nitanium wires in pre-formed Wide and Narrow archwire shapes, ideal to treat expansion, crossbite, and Brodie bite malocclusions.


What makes this series of wires most unique is that it offers all of the benefits of a Cu Nitanium wire and has a built-in unique shape to expand or constrict the arch.


Now it is possible to address the expansion needs earlier in treatment with the M-Series Expansion Wires.

How it Works

    • Eliminate the need for manual wire shaping, resulting in more consistency, more accuracy, and time savings
    • Simplify archwire sequencing in conjunction with the M-Series Wire sequence
    • Decrease the number of wires used
    • Reduce the need for laboratory fabricated appliances, i.e. traditional expanders

WIDE Archwire Shape
Flattened anterior section across the centrals and laterals prevents constriction of the canines when the wire is activated into the malocclusion.

NARROW Archwire Shape
Constricted posterior section prevents passive compensatory expansion of the opposing dentition during the course of crossbite or Brodie bite correction.

A Revolutionary 3-Wire Sequence,
Plus Expansion Wires

A simplified orthodontic wire progression protocol used in conjunction with the Sagittal First Philosophy.

M-Series Brochure

Learn more about M-Series and its revolutionary 3-wire sequence by viewing the brochure.

Sagittal First Case Book

This case book features over 35 clinical cases with simplified and shorter treatment times utilizing the Sagittal First Philosophy.