M-Series Wires & Expansion Wires - Henry Schein Orthodontics
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M-SeriesWires and Expansion Wires

The innovative 3-wire sequence with simplified wire progression protocol is used in conjunction with the Sagittal First Philosophy.

Sagittal First & M-Series Wires

Integral to the Sagittal First Philosophy is the use of the Carriere® Motion 3D Appliance to correct AP discrepancies and stimulate initial tooth movement. This fosters easier transitions into larger wires earlier in treatment, less time in braces, and shorter overall treatment times.

Carriere SLX 3D & M-Series Wires

Bonding & Progression Protocol with Dr. Luis Carrière

Carriere® M-Series Wires

This 3-wire sequence designed to enable a simplified wire progression protocol and reduce the number of wires used.

M-Series Expansion Wires

M-Series Expansion Wires

Wide and narrow archwire shapes, ideal to treat expansion, crossbite, and Brodie bite malocclusions.