Safety and Emergency Service

Henry Schein Orthodontics recognizes that many practices may have suspended operations during the outbreak because of social distancing requirements. Knowing there are concerns about staff and patient safety in this environment, we have gathered resources to make infection control, and practice protection more accessible. The safety of your team is paramount. Prepare to reopen your practice using the solutions below (click on each solution for more information).


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Safety and Emergency Service

✓ Remote practice reopening service, plus in-person emergency labor included for 3 months
Recovery Kit including key infection control and PPE items (included with complete program only)
✓ Continuously updated COVID-19 Resource Center including a comprehensive reference guide for re-opening your practice
✓ Dental Resource Center providing 24/7 OSHA and HIPAA training (3-month subscription included)

Patient Retention and Acquisition Tools

✓ Patient re-engagement package, including e-mail and social media campaigns
✓ Enhanced Profile at WebMD + to help your practice attract new patients
✓ 3-month subscription to Demandforce, Dentrix® Patient Engage, Lighthouse 360, or Sesame Communications (new users only), plus guidance on using a Virtual Waiting Room (new and existing users)
✓ Online Booking and eStatements with Online Bill Pay (requires Dentrix®)

Flexible Financial Solutions

✓ Access to deep discounts on thousands of items through the Recovery Pricing Plan
✓ Lower interest rates and flexible payment terms for merchandise and equipment (with approval)
✓ Shipping included on all merchandise orders above $199
✓ Henry Schein Practice Recovery Planner, plus a Henry Schein Practice Analysis to help identify production opportunities and get your practice growth back on track
✓ Review of dental office lease for cost reduction opportunities

Purchase today to take advantage of this comprehensive program. Choose the option that best meets your needs.

Purchase the complete program (option 1), which includes the Recovery Kit and all solutions for $999 + $349 per month for the full 3-month program. Total cost = $2,046 (a value of $6,450 or more) with no money upfront!

Not interested in the Recovery Kit, no worries!

You can purchase the solutions-only program (option 2) for $349 per month for the full 3-month program. Total cost = $1,047 (a value of $4,000 or more).

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Regardless of which option you choose, all payments are deferred for 90 days, which means you get all the benefits and don’t have to worry about the payments. If you purchase the complete program, you will be invoiced $999 at the time your Recovery Kit gets shipped. For both options, solutions will be billed in three installments — your first installment of $349 will be billed at time of purchase, then $349 per month for the next two months (payment is due 90 days after each invoice).

Orders must be placed by June 1, 2020 to qualify for a shipping date of your Recovery Kit on or before June 19, 2020. Solutions may begin immediately and must be activated within 60 days of purchase. Click here to see the complete Henry Schein Thrive Practice Recovery Program terms and conditions:

COVID-19 Resource Center

Continuously updated COVID-19 Resource Center including a comprehensive reference guide for re-opening your practice

Henry Schein’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center provides a wide selection of links to financial resources, downloadable checklists, and infographics to help health care professionals effectively communicate with their staff and patients as they prepare to reopen their practices. As a companion to the Resource Center, the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Education Center provides content from webinars about managing through COVID-19, including a calendar of future events and links to register on a wide variety of topics. Key Benefits:

  • Valuable and timely education, resources, and guidance on clinical, technology, compliance, and business solutions
  • A dedicated Practice Safety guide with the latest information on urgent/emergency, and re-opening protocols from the CDC, OSHA, and other official sources
  • Access to online continuing education, upcoming webinars, podcasts, videos, articles, live event schedules, and much more
  • Provides a guide to help select the best learning platforms and content based on your specific needs and individual learning preferences

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Click to download a room-by-room checklist for reopening your practice, to ensure your key tasks are taken care of.

AAO Resources for Successful Re-Opening

The AAO is committed to arming orthodontists with the tools they need to thrive. Make your post-COVID-19 comeback strong and set yourself and your team up for success as your practice re-opens – while keeping yourself, your team and your patients safe. 

The AAO COVID-19 Resource Center is pivoting its focus to provide comprehensive resources to re-open. We begin with operational planning for recovery and continue with infection control, PPE sourcing and virtual consultation how-to information. Additional resources will be added in coming days and weeks.

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Proposed Clinical Guidance for Orthodontists and Orthodontic Staff Post COVID

Leading clinicians (Dr. John Graham, Dr. James Paschal and Dr. David Paquette, with support from many additional esteemed signatories) are helping to establish reasonable, evidence-based best practices to protect both orthodontic staff and patients from transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases and to distinguish these practices from those of the general dental office or other dental specialties. Download the new white paper above.

Aerosol contamination may be reduced in the orthodontic environment with the following recommendations:

  • Have a patient wash and dry hands before being seated
  • Have the patient rinse with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide or 1% povidone-Iodine mouth rinse
  • Utilize HVE for procedures that create aerosol
  • Reduce handpiece speed to the minimum rate necessary
  • Consider the use of electric handpieces to further reduce creation of aerosol
  • Minimize or eliminate rotary instrument irrigation
  • Wear a well-fitted surgical level 1-3 or N95 mask
  • Wear goggles or a face shield

Assess your office’s supplies of the personal protective equipment (PPE) recommended by the CDC for performing dental procedures; DHCP should wear the highest level of PPE available.

*If respirator (N95) is not available, a combination of a surgical mask + full-face shield is minimally acceptable. If surgical mask + face shield is not available, CDC recommends that you refer the patient to another clinician who has the appropriate PPE.

Assess your office’s supplies of equipment that may be needed to implement COVID-19 precautions.

  • No-contact or skin-contact thermometer
  • Receptacles for PPE disposal or laundry

Verify each team member is appropriately trained on donning and doffing PPE, is wearing the required PPE, and is adhering to procedure for changing PPE between patients.

Ensure that all team members have received their seasonal flu vaccine and other immunizations recommended by the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) for healthcare workers.

DHCP should remain alert to any fever, respiratory symptoms, or other symptoms of COVID-19, and if ill, should report illness to supervisor and not report to work.

Screen employees for symptoms consistent with a COVID-19 infection at the beginning of each shift; employees who have a fever or other symptoms should be provided a facemask and sent home.

Verify all team members are trained and are adhering to strict hand hygiene procedure.

Consider changing from scrubs to personal clothing before returning home. Upon arriving home, take off shoes, remove and wash clothing (separately from other household residents), and immediately shower.