Flexible Financial Solutions

Henry Schein has undertaken a series of actions to provide customers with financial flexibility during this unprecedented time. We have worked with our preferred financial vendors to develop competitive funding structures to help finance your business and introduced tools to help practice owners evaluate where they should focus their recovery efforts. Explore the financial solutions below to help get your practice back on track (click on each solution for more information).

HSO Flex Pay

Up to six months, interest free payments. Contact our Sales Support Team today to learn more. Restrictions may apply.

Call 800.547.2000 or email USASales@HenryScheinOrtho.com

HS Financial Services

Henry Schein Customers have access to programs like the $200k cash-out refinancing, and a host of other financial services to help practices run smoothly again.

Phone: 1-800-443-2756

Visit: Henry Schein Financial Services and Business Solutions

Email: hsfs@henryschein.com

HSO Practice Recovery Pricing

Access to deep discounts on minimal touch orthodontic products through the Recovery Pricing Plan. Click here to learn more about our minimal touch orthodontics product specials.