The coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic has seriously disrupted our lives and our businesses. Like many others, the orthodontic industry is dependent on face-to-face interactions and practices are feeling the effects of the important measures put in place to limit exposure. These might seem like unsettling times, but despite all of the uncertainty, technologies and strategies do exist that allow orthodontists to not only “see” their current patients and proceed with treatment, but continue to grow their practices.

The goal of this meeting is to discuss how to take advantage of these digital technologies, the same ones that have been used by the medical profession for years. This will allow practices to continue monitoring patient care for aligners, active treatment with braces, Phase I, recalls, retention, and even consult with new patients.

Specifically, we will cover:

• How to prevent a backlog of patients once the crisis is over with virtual appointments
• Ways to show value to current patients to continue monthly payments
• Review of current software technologies
• New patient virtual consultations to produce added income needed to maintain practices during the crisis
• Importance of communication to current patients and the community during the crisis

Leon Klempner, DDS and Amy Epstein, MBA are cofounders of People & Practice, a digital marketing consultancy exclusively for doctors, and co-hosts of The Survival Guide to Orthodontics, a podcast dedicated to making you the authority in orthodontics to prospective new patients in your community. We understand your practice because we’ve been in your shoes: our expertise comes from 40 years of private practice and a combined 40+ years of marketing experience. People & Practice builds trust in your practice online to help you get new patients in a digital era by convincing them (before even meeting you) that you’re the practice to choose. For more information or a free marketing analysis, call 888-866-DOCS or email [email protected]

Dr. Leon Klempner, a board-certified orthodontist.

April 13, 2020

11am-12pm PDT /

Live Webinar

New York, NY

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Dr. Leon Klempner

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