Professional Education Courses | Henry Schein Orthodontics
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Earn CEUs with compelling topics and
engaging orthodontic thought leaders.

Upcoming Courses (More Coming Soon!)

On-Demand Courses

Explore Motion™ Use Beyond Bite Correction

Dr. Mike Ragan

The Fundamentals of SAGITTAL FIRSTand Motion

Dr. Jep Paschal

Unveiling the Power of Carriere ® Motion Pro™
The New Standard in Bite Correction

Dr. Luis Carriere

Part 1: Beyond Malocclusions: Taking Motion 3D to the Next Level

Dr. Thomas Shipley

Part 2: Beyond Malocclusions: Taking Motion 3D to the Next Level

Dr. Thomas Shipley

Aligner Case Selection, Reveal® Clear Aligners

Dr. Miguel Matuk

IPR Protocols, Reveal® Clear Aligners

Dr. Miguel Matuk

Records for Case Submission, Reveal® Clear Aligners

Dr. Miguel Matuk

Prescribing Reveal® Clear Aligners

Dr. Miguel Matuk

Navigating Reveal® Platforms for Aligner Success

Dr. Bruce McFarlane

The Performance Revolution

Dr. Ronald Risinger

The Many Uses of Carriere® Motion 3D Appliance

Dr. Dave Paquette

Self-Ligating Brackets

Dr. Mario Chorak

Reveal® Treatment Planning & Best Practices

Dr. Mario Chorak

Example Courses

Reveal Aligners courses

Clear Aligner Therapy

Our various clear aligner therapy educational courses can help you get started, optimize your treatment planning, and in turn, elevate your practice.

MTO courses

Minimum Touch Orthodontics Courses

Learn our new treatment philosophy that blends contemporary clinical principles with advanced digital solutions into a proven workflow, delivering exceptional results.

Sagittal First Protocol

Discover how the Sagittal First Protocol can make same day starts practical, shorten overall treatment time, and increase your patient’s satisfaction.

Carriere System Educational Course

Carriere® System

Master the benefits of the Carriere System for orthodontic treatment efficiencies, shorter treatment times and long-term aesthetic results.