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Carriere System > SLX 3D > Carriere SLX 3D Self-Ligating Buccal Tubes

Carriere® SLX 3D Self-Ligating Buccal Tubes

SLX 3D Self-Ligating Buccal Tubes incorporate all the amazing features of SLX 3D Brackets to complement the revolutionary appliance system.

Now your patients can smile all day, every day, with confidence, with the most cost-effective, complete solution available.

How It Works

Self-Ligating Buccal Tubes make engaging second molar buccal tubes easy!

    • Opening the slide converts the buccal tube to easily engage second molars.
    • Closing the slide re-converts the buccal tube in one simple step!

Less wire bending

With proven and precise torque values, in/out thickness and slot depths, the SLX 3D buccal tube is designed to ensure less time bending so you can spend time doing anything but wire bending.

Easy on, Easy off

    • Our compound contour bases are designed to “fit like a glove”, while micro-etched pylons provide a secure reliable bonding surface.
    • The beveled base edges aid in quick clean removal.

SLX 3D Family Brochure

Learn more about the SLX 3D product line by viewing the brochure.