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Carriere System > Motion > Motion 3D Force Oral Elastics

Carriere® Motion 3D Force Oral Elastics

Compliment Motion Appliances with Force 1 & Force 2 Elastics, which were designed specifically to work seamlessly with this appliance and provide optimum results. These elastics are available in three different force levels for stages of treatment, ensuring a smooth and timely transition to a Class I Platform.

Selection of Elastics

Achieving a Class I platform in 3-6 months is made possible by using the correct force elastics. Be sure to use the MOTION 3D Force 1 and Force 2 Elastics, which are designed to optimize the features of MOTION 3D Appliances.

The patient should wear their elastics 24 hours per day, except while eating, and also replace them every 4 hours.


Natural Latex Force 1:

  • 6 oz, 1/4” (424-9F1)
  • Force 2: 8 oz, 3/16” (424-9F2)

Clear (not made with natural rubber latex)

  • Force 1: 6 oz, 1/4” (424-8F1)
  • Force 2: 8 oz, 3/16” (424-8F2)

Designed for the Carriere Motion Product Family

Carriere® Motion Pro
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Carriere® Motion 3D
Force Oral Elastics

The Motion 3D Class III Appliance is a minimally invasive appliance intended to treat Class III malocclusions without extractions, orthognathic surgery, or facemasks.

Motion Pro


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