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Carriere System > Motion > Motion 3D Class II Appliance

Carriere® Motion 3D Class II Appliance

Limiting extractions and turning difficult Class II patients into simpler Class I patients is a dream come true for you and your patients.


With its sleek, aesthetic, and non-invasive design, the Motion 3D Class II Correction Appliance provides greater comfort and shortens treatment time by up to 6 months.


Delivering a natural, gentle, and uniform force for distal molar movement with controlled rotation and tipping correction before brackets or other appliances are placed, the Motion 3D Appliance solves complex problems almost effortlessly.

How it Works

    • Corrects the posterior occlusion to an ideal Class I Platform first by rotating and uprighting the maxillary first molars while distalizing the posterior segment, from canine or premolor to molars, into a perfect occlusion.
    • Simultaneously produces a light, uniform force for distal molar movement.
    • Independently moves each posterior segment, from canine or premolar to molar, as a unit.
    • Used at the beginning of treatment when there are no competing forces in the mouth allows the distalization of the molars and premolars from 3 to 6 mm range, on average.

Motion 3D Class II – A Closer Look


  • Class I, Crowding
  • Class II, Division 1
  • Class II, Division 2
  • Class II, Open bite
  • Class II, Deep bite
  • Class II, Blocked out upper cuspids
  • Class II, Subdivision, left or right (unilateral)
  • Mixed Dentition (Phase 1)

Motion 3D Class II – Options

Motion 3D Clear Class II Appliance

For some patients having a more discreet Class II Appliance is preferred, which is why we created the Motion 3D Clear.

Motion 3D Colors Class II Appliance

The Motion 3D Class II Appliance is available in multiple colors, so your patient’s personality can shine during their orthodontic treatment.

Motion 3D Class II – Results

    1. Upper first molars rotate into correct position
    2. AP corrected – Class I molar and cuspid relationships achieved
    3. Anterior crowding resolved (with extra space!)
    4. Overjet and overbite deep bite corrected
    5. Movement averages from 3 mm to 6 mm

Case provided by Dr. Luis Carrière


Carriere® Motion 3D Force Oral Elastics

Complement the Motion 3D Appliance with Carriere Motion 3D Force Oral Elastics, which are designed specifically to work seamlessly with this appliance and provide optimum results.


These elastics are available in two different force levels for both stages of treatment, ensuring a smooth and timely transition to a Class I Platform.

Motion 3D Family Brochure

Read more about Motion 3D Appliances and the different options by viewing the family brochure.

Sagittal First Case Book

This case book features over 35 clinical cases with simplified and shorter treatment times utilizing the Sagittal First Philosophy.