M-Series™ Wires | Henry Schein® Orthodontics
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Carriere System > M-Series > Carriere M-Series Wires

Carriere® M-Series Wires

The M-Series Wires, including .015 Cu™ Nitanium® wire and the innovative 3-wire sequence, are designed to:


    • Enable a simplified wire progression protocol
    • Reduce the number of wires used
    • Finish cases in about 12 months

How it Works

Integral to the Sagittal First Treatment Philosophy is the use of the Carriere Motion 3D™ Appliance to correct AP discrepancies and stimulate initial tooth movement. This fosters easier transitions into larger wires earlier in treatment, less time in braces, and shorter overall treatment times.

A Revolutionary 3-Wire Sequence,
Plus Expansion Wires

A simplified orthodontic wire progression protocol used in conjunction with the Sagittal First Philosophy.

M-Series Wires Brochure

Learn more about M-Series and its revolutionary 3-wire sequence by viewing the brochure.

Sagittal First Case Book

This case book features over 35 clinical cases with simplified and shorter treatment times utilizing the Sagittal First Philosophy.