About Us | Henry Schein® Orthodontics™
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About Us

We believe orthodontics is more than a beautiful smile—
it is health, empowerment, and  self-confidence

Henry Schein® Orthodontics

We deliver cutting-edge appliances, innovative workflow solutions and ongoing education that foster beautiful smiles and drive practice profitability.

Our Mission

Our mission at Henry Schein Orthodontics is to enable beautiful, healthy smiles through passionate customer collaboration. Our ground-breaking appliances, innovative treatment solutions and ongoing educational support are transforming the profession. They enable orthodontists exceptional patient finishes and practice scope and profitability in a rapidly changing world.

Dedicated Rep Support

Our team of orthodontic-trained reps, aligner onboarding specialists, and customer care associates work together to provide support on product selection,  practice growth and more.

Continuous Innovation in Orthodontics

Minimum Touch OrthodonticsSM is an Henry Schein Orthodontics strategy that minimizes and expands virtual visits for maximum patient convenience. It blends contemporary clinical principles with advanced digital solutions into a seamless workflow to deliver exceptional and predictable results in fewer and shorter appointments with reduced treatment times.

MTO is fueled by Sagittal First® , a treatment philosophy using the Carriere® Motion 3D appliance that expedites same-day starts, treating the A/P dimension prior to finishing treatment with the Carrière® SLX® 3D brackets and the M-Series® three-wire system or Reveal® Aligners.

Professional Education

We prioritize and encourage ongoing professional education course and training programs for clinicians that provide the innovative treatment solutions they need to deliver effective patient services.

Corporate Citizenship

Henry Schein founded in 1932 based on the belief that we can fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen by giving back to the industries and communities we serve.
Ever since then, we have pursued the ideal of “doing well by doing good.” This spirit of corporate citizenship is exemplified
through Henry Schein Cares, our global corporate social responsibility program.

Empowering Team Henry Schein

Team Schein

Ethical Governance


Advancing health care

Health Equity

Accelerating Environmental Sustainability

Accelerating Environmental