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Explore Our Latest Innovations

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Find Your Perfect Orthodontic Solution

Henry Schein® Orthodontics aims to deliver next generation orthodontic solutions and new treatment concepts to help you
provide exceptional clinical outcomes, and to ensure that you, as an orthodontist, truly love what you do.

NEW CLEAR: Carriere® Motion Pro™ & Clear Bite Corrector

Don’t be fooled by the competition. With Motion Pro Clear, treat with uncompromised strength and performance, with exceptional aesthetics for your patients. Choose Motion Pro for its unmatched design and established history, and experience the difference for yourself!

Reveal® Clear Aligners

Discover a clear aligner solution with enhanced clarity and precision-fit.

Carriere® Motion 3D™
Force Oral Elastics

Designed specifically to work seamlessly with Motion 3D Appliances and provide optimum results for your orthodontic treatments. Our oral elastics are available in two force levels.

Carriere® SLX® 3D
Bracket System

Full M-D slot coverage, provides unmatched rotational control, correction preservation, and faster treatment times.

Carriere® M-Series

This 3-wire sequence enables a simplified wire progression protocol and reduces the number of wires needed.

M-Series Expansion Wires

Carriere Motion Pro Clear Bite Corrector

Uncompromised strength and performance with the exceptional aesthetics for your patients.

Featured Professional Education Courses and Events

By offering a wide variety of comprehensive educational courses that incorporate the latest solutions and technologies in orthodontics,
we strive to help our customers provide the
 best and most effective care to their patients. 

Rely On Henry Schein Orthodontics

Industry Experts since 1976

Exceed Your Expectations

Delivering new ideas and treatment concepts to help you provide exceptional clinical outcomes.

Beyond the Basics

We go beyond supplier-client relationship to cultivate partnerships with our customers to deliver positive patient outcomes.

State of the Art

Orthodontic products and solutions enable our customers to offer exceptional patient care.

World-Class Products

Products you have come to trust. We create partnerships with you that go beyond the supplier-client relationship.